The mod_wsgi package implements a simple to use Apache module which can host any Python application which supports the Python WSGI interface.


No mod_wsgi is not dead, it was just resting.

Renewed development on mod_wsgi began early 2014, with a considerable amount of new development work and fixes being performed. This included the ability to install mod_wsgi using ‘pip’, along with an admin command called mod_wsgi-express which provides a really simple way of starting up Apache/mod_wsgi with an automatically generated configuration.

Completely revised documentation will eventually be incorporated here. Right now though I am having too much fun working on all the new features.

In the mean time keep referring to the older documentation at:

The new mod_wsgi-express feature is also documented in the PyPi entry for mod_wsgi at:

Due to security issues in versions of mod_wsgi up to and including version 3.4, it is recommended that version 3.5 or later be used.

If you need help in using mod_wsgi, then use the mod_wsgi mailing list to ask your questions: